Service Design: Customer Journey Map v2

A few weeks ago, Miranda and I posted about the first full iteration of our customer journey map. That post is here:

We got a ton of feedback on it. We tried to tackle a few big pieces of criticism to create our next iteration:

  • The density of information is pretty uniform. You have to do a whole lot of work to understand what’s going on because there’s little emphasis and sense of hierarchy.
  • The emotional aspects of the experience and points of conflict are not visually present. It’s hard to empathize.
  • We need to curate our data to tell a story instead of putting it all out there.

Here’s the initial sketch we created after receiving feedback:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.07.20 PM

It was somewhere on the other side of the spectrum from our first version, lacking all the touchpoints but capturing some of the emotions. We pushed that sketch a lot further, somewhere between the first version and the sketch above. And this is where we landed:

Full PDF: CustomerJourneyMap_ForbiddenFruit_r5.pdf


Here are some highlights:

1 2 3

We feel this better shows the actions, what it feels like to take those actions, and the results. This version provides much better support for the concepts we are proposing. Looking forward to getting feedback on this one too!