Service Design: Vignettes

The last time Miranda and I spoke with our Service Design client, the client said she and her team need to see the value they’ll be getting out of the project. We responded by developing a set of design principles and evaluation criteria, generating around 60 concepts, and refining the top-ranked concepts in a series of vignettes to show how customers will experience them.

Our design principles came out of a synthesis process where we took what we heard and observed in interviews and used affinity mapping to develop insights about our client’s business. The insights were then transformed, based on our own interpretation of the data, into principles (implications for the design moving forward). Here’s an example principle we created:

In order to be successful, the design must promote awareness of Forbidden Fruit as a place for everyone to get information regardless of current knowledge level.

In addition to all the design principles, there were several criteria that we knew we would need to include in order for any concepts we created to be acceptable to the business. We ran these by the owner. She provided the final one:

  • Supports the mission of promoting sexual self-awareness, communication, education, and lifestyle needs
  • Promotes a welcoming environment for all
  • Respects and abides by the legal, operational, and industry constraints
  • Promotes an exchange of knowledge, information, and ideas to empower people

The principles and criteria drove a concepting phase where we generated around 60 ideas for improving the service. The ideas were then ranked against the criteria, one by one. Here’s what it looked like when we started ranking:

2015-11-22 15.49.39

The top concepts that fell out of this process were refined by turning them into vignettes, showing how we intend customers to experience them. Those are what I’ll leave you with…