Banking App Redesign: Iteration 6

Full PDF of this iteration of wireframes: USBank_Wireframes_Kade_r6.pdf

Last week, we had a curveball thrown at us. The idea was that our company just merged with another company and management is requiring us to integrate the new company’s product as fast as possible.

Feature 1: Provide a snapshot of the user’s finances and their trends.
Feature 2: Allow the user to analyze any specific transaction in any account to see if it is historically anomalous in the context of all their spending.
Feature 3: Provide a drop-dead simple “what if” modeling system based on “playing with” their recurring payment amounts, so they can see how changes in monthly spending impacts their account.

To placate management while my team has time to work on making the integration robust, I’ve created a series of mockups to show how the user might discover these features. And just like real life, I haven’t had time to test screens associated with this curveball, so that will be the next step.



Another area I was struggling with was recurring payments. I simplified the interaction for setting up a recurring payment down to two questions:

1. Frequency?
2. Start date?

This made it challenging to get the user confident in what they were choosing, especially with complicated frequencies like Monthly and Quarterly. Here was my first stab at it.


I’ll be looking for critique this evening on the new and improved iteration on this solution: