Iteration 5 | Financial Modeling Features

Here is last weeks iteration that I user tested with.

For this weeks assignment we were thrown the following prompt or also known as “real life”.

The acquired company has a core product that focuses on financial modeling. They describe their feature as:

  1. Provide a snapshot of finances and their trends
  2. Allow analysis of any specific transaction in any account to see if it is historically anomalous in the context of all your spending. (notification)
  3. Provide a drop-dead simple “what if” modeling system based on “playing with” your recurring payments amounts, so you can see how changes in monthly spending impact your account.

Integrate all of these features into your existing product and continue to iterate, user test, and critique.

Here is my first iteration of integrating the features into the Chase Mobile App.

While implementing these features I kept the following three things in mind.

  1. What is the simplest solution, aesthetically and usability?
  2. What are the key questions people ask when analyzing their finances?
  3. How much should I allow the customer to customize vs ai or data collected that software can do most of the work for the user

However, after implementing the features into the application I started to question if adding it into the app was the best solution or if creating a link to download an app like mint would be better. After a certain point, the application becomes too bloated and takes away from the usability because of the overload of features. So if hypothetically Chase bought out Mint, I would propose the solution of creating a link between the chase app and mint. Mint would automatically load your chase account info and it would allow you to integrate accounts with other banks in as well to get a holistic view of your finances. Where as having financial modeling built into the chase app only gives you the ability to view financial modeling in your chase accounts.

Chase_Prototype 5-17

Over the last week, thinking about and exploring both options, I think it would depend on how well built the acquired companies products were or if they had a product at all. If it were mint, the link between the two applications would work wonderfully, however if it is a poorly designed UI budgeting system it would be most beneficial to either redesign that app or integrate it as I have above.

In addition to adding these features, I also made refinements, I noticed I didn’t have an end repeat date for setting up reoccurring bills yet. I also fixed any typos and went through each screen to visualize what every button would do.

To view all of my flows and wireframes click here.