Mobile Banking App: Iteration 4

Today, we’re delivering the 4th iteration of our wireframes for the mobile banking apps we’re redesigning. This round, I added recurring payments and built out the screens accessible through the menu. I tested these changes using think aloud testing (previous post on the topic) and made revisions. I’ll be presenting these revisions during critique this evening.

Here’s a full pdf of my latest wireframes:

The first significant change that I made, adding recurring payments, tested surprisingly well. However, something I didn’t expect was that users would encounter difficulty figuring out where to start. Here’s a comparison of the previous version of the Transfer screen to the version I tested:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 6.29.02 PM

Users were getting hung up on my labels and selecting “Scheduled and Recurring Transfers” instead of “Make a Transfer”:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.40.48 PM

To attempt to fix this, I reevaluated the labels:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.41.10 PM

The next critical incident participants encountered during testing was a silly mistake on my part. Here’s the notifications flow that I presented them with:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.41.38 PM

I failed to use the same pattern of confirmation that I had already established in the rest of the app.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.42.04 PM

The simple fix:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 5.42.37 PM

While I did test recurring payments, I think I need a focused round of testing on one aspect of them to refine the information presented. That aspect is how I’m showing the user what it means when they select a particular start date for a recurring transaction. Here’s an example:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 6.39.07 PM

The tricky part is when you get into things like quarterly payments starting near the end of the month. The text can get pretty wild and needs to be refined. Currently, this is what I’ve got for something like that:

On the 30th of every third month
September 30, 2015
(If a month has fewer than 30 days, the payment will be posted on the last day of the month)

I’ll be working on that next as well as a long list of outstanding screens and edge cases that I’ve yet to tackle. Wish me luck.