Rapid Iteration & Creative Problem Solving: The Final Iteration

While a design can never really be “done”, there may be an end state, a point at which you stop working on it. And because this was a pretty well-contained school project, this may be the final time this gets touched. Which is a shame because I made some pretty significant changes based on both user testing and feedback I received during formal critique.

After the very first round of wireframes, I had a hunch that organizing the app around a bunch of wizard-style flows may be problematic. It was even mentioned by others during critique that first time out of the gate. However, user testing went relatively smoothly through multiple iterations, and I chose to ignore the issue. That issue is as follows…


Here’s an example of what that looked like in the wireframes is tested with:


To address the issue, I’ve come up with a proposal:


And here’s how the same example above would play out under this new model:


The next step would be test the new model with users. However, the quarter is over, and I’m happy with where I ended up. Ship it!