Reflection: On the Value of Making Lots of Things

What I’ve learned this week is another thing that I already knew but now understand much deeper. Last week, I talked about the importance of iteration, of doing work early in order to have the time to do it again, better. Now, I more deeply understand the value not only of making a thing, but of making lots of them.

Something I’ve heard quite a bit from faculty is that 9 out of 10 of the things they make don’t get used. I don’t think I understood the value of that until now. Much of design is not about knowing what will work and making that. Rather, it’s about not knowing what will work and trying lots of things (with informed direction, of course).

Over the course of the last couple of months doing research with my group, we’ve had lots of ideas for things we could do. However, most of them never happened. They never became real, not even in the quick sketch sort of way. So, if that’s the case, I think we missed out on the opportunity to capture lots of things that would have worked.

Luckily, I’m recognizing this now with still a week before the final presentation. Looking forward to feedback on our first run today.