Wireframes: Final week



This was our last week to work on the banking app that we’ve been designing in our Rapid Ideation class this quarter. I worked toward cleaning up the flow for a user to check their budget and spending habits:


Budget [Recovered]-01 Budget [Recovered]-02 Budget [Recovered]-03

The user sees budgeting tools  on the main account screen, and tools specific to checking or savings accounts on their respective screens. Users are able to add budget goals:

Budget [Recovered]-04 Budget [Recovered]-05

and to visualize their monthly spending habits:

Budget [Recovered]-07


You might notice, if you try to follow the blue dots, that there are some steps missing. Leaving this flow unfinished is making me uneasy. That’s been the most difficult thing for me throughout this process: I’m not great at deciding to be finished. I want everything to be considered and I want everything to make sense. I’ve forced myself over the last couple of weeks to choose one thing to focus on furthering. If that one thing causes an avalanche elsewhere, I’ve tried to briefly give elsewhere some kind of support beam and come back to add structure¬†when possible. It hasn’t always been possible. I know that’s a problem that plagues mobile apps, one that I would rather not contribute to. The next time I do something like this, I would build differently. I know my need to plan, but holing myself away to stare at diagrams is not the only way to plan. Next time, I would start building quick, broken, and diverse iterations for testing to see what kind of feedback would given for different types of navigation and structure. User testing has been a great tool to learn. It’s kind of amazing that people have such an intuitive sense of technology that they can figure out how to use these scribbles I put on paper. This budgeting addition has been really interesting. I don’t think it’s a thing that’s integrated into many (any?) banking apps. Giving people something unexpected has unlocked something in their brains and prompted some great ideas: “Can this tell me what I’m wasting money on?” “What’s this? Will it automatically save money for me?” I think I need to get out of my head faster and start making, so that I can dive in to making sense of something that is more than a theory.


That being said, these wireframes have come a long way toward clarity in just a few weeks.20151218_122957