Design Strategy | Chase Mobile Banking App

This week we focused on creating a design strategy brief which is created to stand alone. It’s a document to pass off to people in different departments such as marketing to understand what the app will do, why it’s important, and how it will benefit the customer. It should provide people with the vision and excitement to actually build the app.

The struggle this week was understanding how much to add, the order of the story, whats important, and what did I actually want to say. There’s a tendency when completing these assignments to just want to get them done for the sake of the assignment, and it becomes a list to check off. When that happens, I go from “think critically” to “get it done” mode and some decisions are made that don’t make the most since. It’s important to go switch back and forth rather be one extreme or the other.

Since this document is supposed to stand alone, I will keep this post short and let it speak for it’s self.

Cheers! Click here for full PDF


Here’s a quick snippet:

Design Strategy Feature Brief png.003Design Strategy Feature Brief png.002Design Strategy Feature Brief png.009 Design Strategy Feature Brief png.013 Design Strategy Feature Brief png.018