Quantity VS Quality

Sometimes hours of work isn’t quantifiable and is invisible to everyone outside of it. From an outside perspective, it may seem like we didn’t do much this week but Meg and I recognized some holes in our product. We focused our attention in creating a higher quality product rather than just producing more flows or work aimlessly. The more we went through our flows we found a “cliff” hanger at the end. We are in the process of coming up with more specific suggestions or prompts per the different types of conflict one might have.We also worked hard to refine what we have so that it could be in a state to be completed without our guidance. We had to add more instructions and reword many of the questions. We’re also continuing to ideate on ways to move further away from as many fill in the blank questions. Open ended questions are great because they allow for people a chance to articulate their feelings who otherwise wouldn’t. However, it’s not quantifiable and make it harder to build a customized experience. We received quite a bit of feedback from Pat this week to make our product more specific. He suggested we focus on a particular type of relationship and what prevents a person from approaching conflict. In the past, our team has immediately shifted according to the feedback that we received. However, this quarter we are working hard to take feedback and synthesize as a team, thinking through why before we shift directions.

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We also found organizations who offer and teach conflict resolution classes. My roommate’s mother teaches one of these classes every semester which people pay for. We plan on sending her our work and hope she can give us insight to which areas need more work. We’re curious to learn how it’s comparable to what she currently teaches. We are also hoping to test with some of her students who are actively trying to get better at conflict resolution.

Moving forward we will be conducting more user tests to refine the reflection part of the app. We currently don’t have data to support changes, but we know we will gain insight and clarity after we user test next week. Our efforts will be put towards facilitating user testing and preparing for our final presentation next week. We are working towards crafting the best narrative to articulate The Elephant in the Room to a new audience.