Restarting | Q4

Coming back from Q3, we weren’t entirely sold on The Elephant in the Room.  We received feedback that we weren’t specific enough and as a result, our product was hard to believe. Some conflicts are smaller and can resolve through one honest conversation. Then some conflicts are formed over years and require ample time to address. We doubted our ability to provide the value promise of the Elephant in the Room, so we spent the first week revisiting our research. This inspired us to make a big pivot from conflict resolution to building open communication in romantic relationships.

We first asked what they were doing, feeling, and thinking now. Then we juxtaposed it with what we want them to do, feel and think after using our product.

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Q4 is all about pitching, refining, piloting, and selling your idea. In order to truly do so successfully, we need to believe wholeheartedly in our idea. As a team we decided to make a shift, rather than catching couples when they are already upset at one another, we decided to shift into something that catches them sooner.

To gain a better vision of what value our product could provide, we conducted case studies on companies like Headspace and Joyable. This gave us a perspective of their approach, their business model, their value promise and how they have shifted as they have evolved.

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We are developing an app called Openly that helps couples build healthier open communication with one another.  Our phones have become one of the best communication tools so why can’t it be used to help us do it better with the ones we care most about?


We all grow up hearing about fairytale romances. We’re sold the idea that there is a perfect ideal other half for everyone out there.


Our phones have become a tool for us to help us find our match, putting us a swipe away from finding our “Tinderella.”


When we do finally find someone, we start to build our life together and think it’ll be happily ever after. But in reality, happily ever after rarely exists.


Because when you get into a relationship, it’s only the beginning. Typically, there are many trial and tribulations ahead. We’ve also been told statistics like “50% of marriages end in divorce.” Relationships are really, really hard. In studying conflict resolution during Q3, we found the majority of conflict is a result of poor communication resulting in assumptions and outbursts.


Openly is broken down into three sections. Understanding how you show and receive appreciation, what your motivations are, and most importantly practice.


Moving forward, we will be creating wireframes of the entire system, scenarios, and working on our pitch. Stories are what helps people cling and buy into ideas because it helps the idea become real to an audience. This next week, Meg and I will be focusing on creating a strong cohesive narrative for Openly.

This quarter has been a whirlwind, but what’s reassuring is I know we are fully capable of producing something valuable by the end of this quarter. We were reminded today it’s not about being finished but pushing forward as far as we can because no product is ever truly finished. Even the greatest apps and technology are constantly evolving.

*Visuals produced by my talented teammate Meg