Openly | An app that helps couples take the guesswork out of showing they care.

Openly is an app that helps couples take the guesswork out of showing they care by giving them obtainable suggestions for everyday life. People are in relationships with their partner because they like them, and they want to do nice things for them… But they don’t know what exactly to do all the time.


Openly is an app that helps couples take the guesswork out of showing they care by giving them obtainable suggestions for everyday life.


The heart of Openly is a simple app that gives people two suggestions a day of tangible actions they can do for their partner. Once they select a suggestion they can set a reminder for when they would like to be notified again.

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These suggestions are based on an initial quiz to find their love language every user takes. The love languages are a framework that has helped millions of couples better understand their partner’s needs. Though it has been wildly successful in helping couples understand their differences, it still requires a lot of work for couples to integrate into their everyday life. Openly makes it straightforward and easy to integrate into your calendar no matter how filled it might be. 

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The second quiz, explains how you think and make decisions. The quiz results will change the way Openly interacts with you. For instance, if you are an analyst, there will be more explanation on the reasoning behind the suggestions. Whereas an ally might need more notifications with their partner’s name in it to hold them accountable. Additionally, the quizzes give the couples an opportunity to gain a better understanding of one another. It expresses their differences and their unique individual needs.
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In the Be Heard section of the app, people can add their custom suggestions for their partner. This takes away the awkwardness or pressure in having to ask for what they want in a low-risk way. They can also return to their ideas and edit or delete them as needed.



Here’s an illustration of how Openly takes your love language, custom suggestions, and swaps them with your partner.

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You can return to view and compare quiz results anytime through the Be You section. The Be You section gives the user a chance to review their quiz results, retake the quiz and compare their quiz results to their partner.  Being able to compare quiz results to your partner enables a deeper understanding of your differences. 

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We conducted a one-week long user test with 3 couples lasting a week long. Every day we texted them two suggestions based on their partner’s love language. Only 5 days were skipped the entire week between the 6 participants. Meaning 88% of the time, the participants put Openly’s suggestions into action. During the exit interview, Brian said to us, it was like having a personal marriage assistant. Many times, he wants to do something nice for Kim but doesn’t quite know what, so he found our suggestions extremely helpful.


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Transitions are stressful even if they’re good. About 44% of couples who get married each year are going to premarital counseling. This means people are willing to put in the time and money to have a healthy relationship. We know openly will be a great tool for couples when they are going through challenging transitions such as having a newborn or moving across the country. It can be easy to forget to be intentional in your relationship during stressful times. However, it’s in those moments where supporting your partner is critical.

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Our next step is to conduct a local pilot and adapting our strategy to work sustainably with larger groups. This pilot will give us a better perspective of what types of nudges allow for behavior change. If you or anyone you know is interested in participating in our pilot, simply take this quiz and fill out the form at the end. We are also looking for potential developers and investors who share our passion for helping couples build stronger relationships through open communication.