User Testing with Openly | Week Five

Collectively as a team we’ve focused on creating complete user flows we could test this week. We went back and forth several times and iterated until we had something that was complete enough to test.

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We completed our first round of testing with three users. We knew they weren’t perfect. There were many screens missing, but we knew it was enough to put in front of people to get a reaction. It became evident we had major navigation issues. We user tested with the Think Aloud method where we ask the participant to complete a series of tasks thinking out loud.We tell them at the beginning we are not able to assist them or answer any questions. User testing was reassuring because they were able to work through the flows without significant confusions. They all happen to be in relationships and excited about the concept. It was validating to hear some of them get excited about a product like Openly launching.

As we move into week five, there’s quite a bit to do. We need to continue to user test, iterate and refine our wires.

Our primary focus will be on figuring out our navigation system the beginning of the week. We will be presenting a practice round of our final presentations next week. A significant amount our effort will be spent working on our presentation as well.