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“I’ll Just Click Everything.”

User Testing round 3!

Sometimes in the process of designing and redesigning, you fall into the blackhole of your own creation. It is at this point, when you are swimming around in the blackness, big fat flaws find their way to the surface of your design and you don’t even notice. This set of user testing was helpful in pulling me out of a design “blackhole” and pointing out a very obvious flaw.

Users were asked to complete several tasks using the wireframe flows I’ve been redesigning for the Wells Fargo app.

The tasks and the results from testing them out on real people were as follows:

1. View transactions on Checking Account, and view transactions on Credit Card Account

This was a very easy and straightforward task.

“Ok I see my transactions, now I’ll just click the back button to see my credit card account” – User 2

However, it did get me thinking that maybe they shouldn’t have to go back to the summary page to switch accounts. The Home Screens Version 4 is what I came up with to address this:

Credit Card Page-08

Credit Card Page-07

2. Dispute a transaction on the Billabong charge

One of the big things that bugs me about the Wells Fargo app as it exists, is the impossibility of disputing a transaction just as you see it in your list of transactions. Shouldn’t you be able to flag it right away? I added this feature in, and tested it out on users this week. This feature is tucked away under the details of the transaction, but everyone was easily able to find this feature by clicking the “+” sign to expand the transaction’s details. 

Credit Card Page-03

“Ok, I’ll just click this link for dispute, got it.” – User 4

3. Set up a recurring payment for your credit card account

This task pointed out the most glaring flaw in my original design. Not one person could find how to make a recurring payment on their credit card. Was the problem the way I phrased it? Perhaps. But largely the problem was that none of the users thought to use the swipe part behind the credit card “card” on the account page. 

Artboard 1

“I’ll just keep looking and I’ll just click everything”

Additionally, people were also not making a distinction between making a payment on a credit card and sending a payment.

“I am going back to look for recurring pay or a payment category” – User 1

“I am looking in the menu for something that looks like payments.. transfer or pay? Or maybe account services? No…” User 3

“I am not certain where I should set up reoccurring payments, maybe transfer or pay? No that’s not it.” – User 5

I’ve solved this problem in the redesign by making a button for “make a payment” on the credit card page.  I’ve I’ll test this out again next week and see if that doesn’t solve the problem without create new ones.

Credit Card Account – 28

Secondly, there was a problem with making a credit card payment recurring in general. As it exists, there are several steps in the process. Instead of making the user go down the rabbit hole of scheduling payment and then scheduling a recurring payment on their credit credit, I decided to give them just one option.

Credit Card Page-04

“I prefer apps that don’t have a lot of options” – User 1

Based on most of the people I have spoken with I am making the hypothesis that the majority of people pay their credit card bill monthly, since they are billed for it monthly. I am willing to be wrong about this, in which case I’ll make adjustments, but if this is true, why not just ask them directly if they want to pay monthly and take out the rabbit hole? Other transfers that aren’t tied to bills within the app will still have the option to be scheduled at the frequency the user chooses.

Here is the new way to complete this same task:

Credit Card Page-06

This little fix on the “make a payment” page really only solves the problem for setting up a recurring payment on a credit card and it doesn’t address the need to schedule other transactions.

If we take a look at the information architecture map, it’s clear that the “schedule and pay section” is huge. This functionality is essential for an app to be able to execute well, therefore it makes sense that this area is large.

WF Info Arch V4-01

Currently, all the “Transfer and Pay” options stem from this page:

Transfer and Pay – 10

The option to schedule payments and transfers becomes an option after the user creates the transfer or payment.

So we have pulled payment options into the places that make sense for a user, like the credit card account, and offered scheduling options that intuit the kind of payment they are making. (Is it a monthly bill? Yes. Want the payment to recur monthly?)

Additionally, the “transfer or pay” section stands alone, so the user knows exactly where to go when they need to complete other transactions that move money around.

The only piece that is currently lacking is how to clearly get to scheduled and recurring transactions, so that these bills and payments can be modified as needed.

It could be solved by adding a place for this right on the transfer or pay page. This location makes the most sense if the goal is to find scheduled payments without having to dig, but this section is still a work in progress.

Next week, my plan is to spend more time sorting out the kinks of this section by having users test out more tasks in this area. Additionally, I’m hoping to get more anecdotal feedback into how people actually use their banking apps to send, pay, and transfer money so that I can place items in the right spot.