Mobile application iteration

During the sixth week of Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem-Solving (see last week’s post) I focused on revisiting the information architecture and improving the visual design of the application.

Design Decisions
After a few iterations, I continued to receive consistent user feedback that the tab and navigation bar icons were confusing. While not a visual designer, this continued to be a distraction. I decided to use a navigation drawer (hamburger). In this iteration, the navigation drawer consists of checking, savings, deposit, bill pay, transfer, account service, and financial products; the tab bar consists of home, menu, and alerts in its first iteration; and the navigation bar is open for the time being.

I removed the customized dashboard and replaced it with a homepage that is intended to be more thoughtful and to provide the information a user needs. It turned out the personalized dashboard allowed me to delay a design decision that I needed to make.

Tab bar will be replaced with a navigation drawer (hamburger)



The custom dashboard helped me to delay a design decision, so I will nix it and design it!Newly designed home featuring navigation drawer.

Information Architecture
I decided to nix Move Money (which combines favorite features like deposit a check, send money to a friend, and transfer funds) and will keep those elements within the new navigation drawer. I plan to develop an A/B test to see if the former Move Money combination will work with a new name and within the revised navigation scheme.

Third iteration of the information architecture

Next steps
I need to develop the remaining flows and make usability tests a priority.