Mobile Banking App Redesign


In our Rapid Ideation and Creative Problem Solving class we are focusing on redesigning a mobile banking application. My design focuses on the Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union mobile banking app. In previous blog posts, I highlight making concept maps and wireframes in order to understand how the current app works and what areas need to be thought out or changed.

Usability Testing

This weeks process focused around usability testing and iterations to our existing wireframes and concept maps.Some important guidelines of usability testing are: to perform each test with strangers, instruct each person to verbally say their thoughts as they go through the task(s) given, and to not give input in any way during the test. We would do this by not answering any question or concerns during the test other than simply saying, “Please keep talking.” The usability testing process has these guidelines in order to minimize any biases or outside factor that might factor the feedback given.

Navigation Feedback

The feedback from these test was almost completely unanimous that once they were in the “Schedule Payment” feature the app was fairly intuitive. However each of them experienced confusion getting from the “Home” screen to the “Schedule Payment” screen. Two of the participants pressed either the “$ icon” or the “menu” button first to begin the task. The feedback was that it was a decision based on prior experience that they chose those first initially because that’s the way they usually start to do a task in an app.

Schedule Payment Usability Testing 1 Problems-01

Perception of Utility

Another issue was that, because of the complexity of the home page, many clicked on the checking and savings buttons before choosing the “Bill Pay” Function. When asked why they made those decisions a majority of people said it was because it afforded clicking to open up for that accounts options. Many people also said that was how they schedule payments in their app.

Schedule Payment Usability Testing 1 Problems-03

“Where Do I Go From Here?”

Once they were in the “Schedule Payments” feature most of the participants were able to flow through the task seamlessly, however the first screen did give some pause to certain people. In the ideal flow the user would then click the text box at the top of the screen and input the mobile number, first and last name, or account number of the person they wish to pay. Participants became confused at this point because there was no indication for why they were doing that or how that relates to scheduling the payment.

Schedule Payment Usability Testing 1 Problems-02



Ideal Concept Map-01

The revisions based on this feedback as well as overall impressions of how center aspects of the app work started by changing the informational architecture concept map for the redesigned app. The map details options on each screen for how to progress through tasks. Based on the impressions of the first round of usability testing I learned that people did enjoy the layout of the interface and, with that in mind, I highlighted the key pages in the app, “Home” and, “Menu.” From these two screens the user will have access to every page in the app. The feedback given on the function of these two screens were that the complexities gave misguided perceptions. There are icons and sections within the “Home” page, specifically, that afforded clicking to perform a task when that’s not what they are used for.

Next Steps

I need to do more testing into the overall navigation of the app. As I mentioned earlier, most of the users I tested with gave specific feedback on changes within the actual features and many responded positively to how the app functioned in those cases. I will continue creating my features with this in mind. The main problems lie in the navigations. In order to understand what exact changes I need to make I will continue my usability testing this coming week but I will frame the test to focus on using the navigations.