Civic Engagement Project: Walking the Walls

For the past six weeks, Mary Hannah Duhon, Adam Chasen and myself have been working on a design research project related to Civic Engagement in Austin.

Our team has been working to understand how young people between the ages 18 – 22 and who currently are not attending college, understand civic engagement, how they interact with government, as well as what are the government programs in Austin that are currently trying to reach out to them to get them involved.

This past week, we worked on conducting secondary research to further support our findings. This helped us truly define why this age group is important, as well as some historical context of the types of programs that exist in order to promote Civic Engagement among youth.

You can take a sneak peak of how this looked like in the following video:


For the next two weeks, we will be working on combining insights with the other two teams that are also working on a design research project involving Civic Engagement but with different focus statements. This way, our efforts will be combined in order to craft a single story that will persuade our audience – this December 16th – that Civic Engagement in Austin can be improved through human centered design.