Civic Engagement Project Wall Presentation


In the past six weeks Nicole Nagel, Scott Reed and I have focus on how low-income citizens articulate their viewpoints through city government. Our research started on the subject of civic engagement as given to us as a topic of research for our quarter two Studio project. Our team focused primarily on those citizens currently living in the Austin area that are less than 200% of the federal poverty line. Every Saturday we are instructed to externalize our research to our classmates in the form of a fifteen minute presentation using our large foam board walls to display our diagrams, participants, and research data.

Video Presentation

The video shown is a presentation of our findings to our classmates, a faculty member of the school and an alumni. Our goal was to communicate what kind of research we had done that week, what we learned and next steps going forward in our project. We articulate that our focus has not since shifted, however our data lead us to create three insightful thoughts we perceive to be problems in this area, based on themes and patterns that came forth once we began to piece together our data. In the video we detail these thoughts in a cohesive narrative and we conclude by proposing an area of opportunity where we might try to solve for these provocations.


Want to see more?

If you enjoyed the video and would like to know more about this project check out the school’s recent blog post entitled City of Austin partners with Austin Center for Design to tackle Civic Engagement. If are interested in knowing more about the other types of projects our team is working on during the program feel free to check out Nicole Nagel and Scott Reed‘s blog pages. Thanks!