IxDA Student Design Challenge

Austin Center for Design at Interaction 18 in Lyon

We are excited to announce AC4D student Adam Chasen has been accepted as a finalist for IxDA’s Student Design Challenge! Chasen will join eight other top design students from around the world at Interaction 18 in Lyon, France. This year, the Student Design Challenge is inspired by 17 Sustainable Development Goals with a specific focus on Quality Education. Chasen will be assigned a team and work with them during a 72-hour workshop to tackle problems related to quality education; they will then present their work in front of 1000 future colleagues. Prior to AC4D, Chasen was an educator for over 15 years, teaching people around the world from kindergarten through graduate school.

Two of our faculty members will also be speaking at Interaction 18.Jonathan Lewis will be presenting a talk on “35 million dollars in 30 seconds – Designing a cryptocurrency”, where he will explore the role of design in a space many are saying is the most disruptive technology since the internet. He will also unpack core principles for thinking through the concept of tokenizing the human experience.

Another faculty member Richard Anderson will be challenging the community and asking “Is it ethical for designers to function as activists when practicing their profession?” In his talk, he will elaborate on the obstacles encountered by designers when functioning as activists and discuss the tools need to be taught to enable them to recognize how and when functioning as activists is appropriate.