Go To Market, Civic Night!

It’s hard to believe Q3 is almost over. The business idea is picked, experiments are run, a go-to-market plan is done! This is real! We are creating an event that will change people’s perception of civic engagement and help them have a healthier civic life.

As a result of our team’s work in Q3 we came up with a Go To Market Plan that takes into account all aspects of our business idea.

No comedy without comedians

During the past 6 weeks, we visited about 15 comedy shows and had in-depth interviews with 7 comedians about their professional and civic life. We were focusing on establishing relationships with the best comedians in town and getting them onboard for the show. We got a lot of interest and willingness to participate from them.


Finding the right venue for the show was a big deal as well. We found out that our biggest expense is going to be a venue, and the prices vary drastically. So far we have two main places we are considering: Spider House (2908 Fruth St, Austin, TX 78705) and North Door (501 Brushy St, Austin, TX 78702). The cost difference is approximately $300 which is a lot for our non-profit company.


We started with creating a launch timeline which is pretty tight. We want to have our first event before graduating from the school, so we will have around 6 weeks to organize and promote the show.

Target Audience

We described our target audience as Austin residents, long-term and new to town, age range from 18 to 35, coming from the different socio-economic backgrounds. They may have some interest in civic topics and participate sparingly in significant events like voting in federal elections but rarely, if ever, locally. They also enjoy comedy shows and have been to one at least once. They have an active social life and go out at least two times a month. Based on Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area, based on 2016 statistics, our target market consists of more than 250K people.


The one thing we were not able to accomplish this week is to get set on a business name. The working name “Civic Night”, even though we like it a lot, didn’t resonate with comedians at all. We did a brainstorming session and ended up with three new options that currently being tested: The Civic Show, Stand Up Austin, and The SpeCivic Show.

Roles and Partnerships

Each member of our small team of three will have to wear multiple hats to make this real:

Josh – project management, interactive concepts, raising funds.

Scott – comedian relations, civic group relation, marketing and promotion.

Maria – venue management, event planning, website, social media, copywriting, accounting.

Each of us will need to fill some knowledge and skills gaps for being efficient as a small group of 3 people.

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And we also will need to recruit other people.

Our team will not cover the following back of stage roles: copywriter for the website, lawyer (one time gig).

We need to fill these roles for every show: comedians (4 persons every show), host, organizational speaker, food sponsor, bouncer (if not provided by venue), greeter (cashier), DJ, photographer/videographer.

We also happy to start a conversation with a director at Annette Strauss Institute for Civic Life who may be able to assist with measuring success and outcomes. She is a possible speaker or exhibitor, and a subject matter expert.


As producers of Civic Night, a critical function of our role is to promote the event to make sure that everyone who might be interested in attending knows when and where it takes place, and how to buy a ticket. Our post-event marketing efforts will be important in realizing our broader goal of enhancing civic lives in Austin.

Open Aspects

After spending 8 weeks thinking through the project we still have several open aspects we need to de-risk:

  • Financial component:
    • People will pay $10 for the comedy show.
    • Businesses will be willing to sponsor and donate up to $550 for the event.
    • Each person will spend a minimum $10 on drinks (on average).
  • Content component:
    • Speaker will not appear as “interruption” of a funny show.
    • Comedians will be able to make jokes that highlight importance of civic engagement not hurting feelings of people in a diverse crowd.
    • The comedians will tell jokes related to civic life.
  • Promotional component:
    • We will be able to get 75-100 people attend.


We are very excited to make it real. We got it confirmed so many times that Civic Night is needed and desired that there is no way to bury it as a purely school project – it has to go on and continue even after our classes end!

The Civic Night will happen in April, and we hope to see you there!

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