Designing Beautiful and Communicative Design Artifacts

Hello from Team KeyUp!

This week we were hard at work making beautiful design artifacts that communicate the vision of KeyUp to future friends and partners.

Service Blueprint process

A service blueprint is a visualization of the entire service first from the user perspective and then, all of the services that need to happen to support the user journey. Below, you can see the first draft of KeyUp’s blueprint.

Service Blueprint
Service Blueprint

As we’ve continued to develop KeyUp, the service has gotten more detailed. Below, you can see a draft of a second version of the blueprint. To create this, we started with color-coded sticky notes that symbolize the three main KeyUp users: a user who does not login, a user who logs in and doesn’t take the quiz, and a user who logs in and takes the quiz.

Finally, we digitized the second version of the blueprint. You can see our updated version below.

Service Blueprint v2
Service Blueprint v2

Customer Journey Map

Another asset we created this week was a customer journey map depicting the way people currently become enrolled in apprenticeships and certificate and associate’s degree programs. First we literally listed out all the steps involved. Then, we went back through our interview notes to find quotes from our participants that evoked the primary thoughts and questions associated with each stage. We also listed the primary emotions associated with each stage.

Most customer journey maps include steps, quotations, and emotions, but we thought ours needed another layer: an explanation of the most common reasons people give up at the various stages. The service we are creating now, KeyUp, is a direct response to what we heard from all the participants we have spoken with for months now: that it is incredibly difficult to transition out of a dead-end job into a training program that will enable you to get a better career. At every stage, young people face challenges, be it lack of knowledge about alternatives to their current situation, or a lack of resources to actually be able to afford school. To tell the story for why KeyUp is necessary, we needed to explain all the obstacles that KeyUp is designed to help people bypass.

As with most of our work, our first draft was done with sharpie and paper (see below), but we digitized a more polished version (also see below).

Customer Journey Map v1
Current State Customer Journey Map v1


Current State Customer Journey Map
Current State Customer Journey Map v2


We spent some time going over our KeyUp hero flow in order to come up with the ideal journey of a KeyUp user, and represent how the system’s points of interaction look like as the user is going through them. To do this, we revisited the ways in which we’ll bring value to our users:

  • We connect young adults with training programs
  • We connect young adults with career opportunities
  • We make it easier for young adults to navigate the overwhelming waters of finding a suiting job on their own
  • We empower young adults to make educated decisions about the career path they want to pursue

We then developed the screens from the KeyUp app that represent these key value points, and translated them into a narrative. The story’s source of inspiration was the different statements or mindsets that some of the young adults that we talked to were in as it relates to information they look for when they are trying to find a job, as well as their employment situation at the time. You can see a draft view of the storyboard below:

Storyboard v1
Storyboard v1

The way storyboards in user experience design or interaction design differ from other types of storyboards is that we use this to clarify gaps in the flow of the journey, as well as cohesiveness around the User Interface design itself. This is why we try to provide the biggest amount of detail possible in the most succinct way, this becomes helpful when needing to identify key screens to show stakeholders as well. You can see a higher fidelity of the storyboard that we created below:

Storyboard for KeyUp v2
Storyboard for KeyUp v2

Next Steps

In the coming week, we will be continuing to build out more KeyUp flows. Check back next week to see them!