Update on Stand Up, Austin! A Civic Show (Former Civic Night)

If you are a loyal reader of AC4D blog, you probably know what “Stand Up, Austin!” (former Civic Night) is from our previous posts. For those who just recently joined us, I’ll make a short introduction:

“Stand Up, Austin!” is a Civic Comedy Show, an event highlighting the importance of having a healthy civic life filled with live comedy, interactive games, drinks, tacos, and much more.


In a recent survey, Texas residents rank 47th out of the 50 states in voter turnout, and 39th for volunteering. Civic participation is now more important than ever for Austin and we feel that comedy and community interactions can have a powerful effect on us improving.

We know that participation in local government, community events, and in our neighborhood associations sometimes feels like a duty rather than a pleasure, but we feel it doesn’t have to be this way. Shows like The Daily Show and Last Week Tonight With John Oliver have shown us that you can be informed and involved without it feeling like a hassle or a chore. Having a healthy civic life doesn’t have to be boring and, in fact, it can be downright hilarious.


The event will have a live comedy performance by four of Austin’s premier comedians, and will be hosted by a popular Austin comedian Jasmine Ellis. Guests will also have a chance to learn more about civic engagement opportunities by talking with League Of Women Voters, The Pulse Of Austin and Jay Jennings, a postdoctoral fellow at the Annette Strauss Institute and author of Civic Health Index. Before and after the show, guests will be entertained by interactive civic games and community-building activities.

The show will take place at the Spider House on Wednesday, April 11th.

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  1. Booked the venue – Spider House.
  2. Booked four comedians and a host.
  3. Booked a speaker – Jay Jennings.
  4. Got two special guests who will set up informational booths on the event: League Of Women Voters and The Pulse Of Austin.
  5. Created a website and went through 3 iterations based on results of user testing.
  6. Developed product design kit.
  7. Set up an Eventbrite page and got first sales.
  8. Developed content strategy for social networks.
  9. Published posts about the event on Austin 360, KGSR, CultureMap, and others.
  10. Set up a fundraising campaign on Rally.org.



  1. Lack of trust in City Government affects people’ desire to participate in The Civic Show.
  2. In sensitive and undefined topics such as Civic Engagement wording means a lot — our user testing sessions became wording testing sessions and hopefully, the website will do its job now.


We keep the price low so everybody could afford to join the party. We bring best comedians in town to make the night remarkable.

  1. We need to raise $450. Please, connect us with the people and businesses who might be interested in sponsorship of such an event or support us on Rally.org.
  2. Spread the word about Stand Up, Austin! On Facebook.


Our focus now is on promoting the event and fundraising. We have 2.5 weeks to sell 71 more tickets and raise $450!

Next week, we will print 250 posters to spread them around the town and keep working on getting added to www.do512.com and other online resources.


Laugh with us, and learn how you can make a difference!