Design Strategy Feature Brief: We’ve Only Just Begun

After creating scenarios, iterating wireframes, completing usability testing, evaluating feasibility, creating a product roadmap, and sizing with a developer, it is time to create a design strategy feature brief. The brief presents a comprehensive and straightforward vision of what the redesigned mobile application will provide and why it’s valuable.

In the real world, the brief will be shared with multiple departments from operations to sales to customer service and beyond to make sure that everyone is on the same page with the direction and capabilities of the product.

The new artifact is actually a compilation and curation of artifacts previously created. Core components of a compelling design strategy feature brief include value proposition, research insights, wireframes, features, and product roadmap. 

A simple promise articulating the future outlook.
A value proposition is a simple promise articulating the future outlook.


Insights are grounded in human behavior.
Insights are grounded in human behavior.


strategy_banking app for images.005
Insight: customers don’t want more financial services, they want financial health and security.


strategy_banking app for images.011
High-level product roadmap shows features that will come online and paints a picture for a longer term view.


Key capabilities and summarized to quickly communicate the customer value.
Key capabilities and wireframes are summarized to quickly communicate the customer value.


You can view the design strategy feature brief here.


Throughout my marketing and communications career, I’ve reviewed similar documents. I liked building the brief because it is an opportunity to revisit design artifacts and use them to communicate a product vision in a clear, concise, and compelling way. The challenge with documents such as this is ultimately implementing the strategy and not allowing it to merely live on in an executive’s memory or bookcase.

There’s much work ahead of us to achieve and to realize the product strategy and vision. Despite the numerous steps to get to this point, we’ve only just begun. Indeed.