KeyUp is growing up!

Since we last week’s post, team KeyUp has been developing an MVP based on our learnings from last week, continuing to build relationships, and revising our story for the final AC4D presentations next week.

  • First, we have been working on creating a library of videos of people who are currently in our highlighted careers of tech, the skilled trades, and health care. We plan to have a series of short videos in which people talk about how they came to their jobs, how they find meaning, and what it is like. We have heard over and over again from our users and their trusted advisors how important stories are. They help them make decisions about the future.

To this end, we continued developing a relationship with Capital Idea, set up appointments with professionals around the city and got to learn from the Electrician’s Union about apprenticeships.   

A classroom future electricians are trained in
A classroom future electricians are trained in
  • Second, we began developing relationships with our mentors at Impact Hub. It was awesome to feel the support of our community, continue to learn from people in different fields, and build on our experience at AC4D. We walked away feeling more confident and proud. We also had a chance to practice pitching different business models for KeyUp to various experts. Needless to say, we know we need to work on this more and continue testing our assumptions. We also loved getting a chance to connect with our cohort — it definitely feels like we will be able to collaborate and find future partners here.
Adam talking to a mentor during speed dating
Adam talking to a mentor during speed dating
Mary Hannah speaking to another mentor during speed dating
Mary Hannah speaking to another mentor during speed dating
  • Third, we have been spending time answering the questions: what is the problem we are solving and how are we solving it? We keep returning to these questions over and over again. Are we solving the right problem? Sometimes it feels like we are constantly restarting and it most certainly causes an existential crises. Of course, each time we return to the basics, the friction produces good results and we are able to move forward again. We started by remapping KeyUp, which is getting increasingly complex. We also spent time sketching to make sense of our problem and ultimately, to communicate the problem to our cohort and during our presentation.

This week, we asked: how might we communicate our vision for KeyUp?

This week, we learned all stakeholders in the workforce ecosystem have different needs and therefore, we need different pitches depending on our audience. We are trying to figure out how to triangulate between the different stakeholders to serve the most urgent need. We also learned how KeyUp may fit into the current ecosystem.

Now, we’ve got to…

  • make a beautiful pitch deck
  • revise design artifacts like concept maps, wireframes and the customer journey
  • practice our presentation!

One way you can help right now is…

  • send us anyone you know who doesn’t have a 4-year degree and wants to figure out their next career step
  • connect us to people who are in middle skill careers