KeyUp joins Impact Hub!

Since we last week’s post, team KeyUp has been out in the field building partnerships and testing different hypotheses.

  • First, we have some exciting news. On Wednesday, we joined Impact Hub’s Workforce Accelerator. We are one of 9 amazing ventures developing solutions to Austin’s workforce issues. In our first session, we listened to a panel discussion on workforce issues in Austin at the Central Library, got to know the members in the cohort and participated in a fishbowl discussion on the current workforce landscape.
Mary Hannah getting to know one of the members of our cohort.
Mary Hannah getting to know one of the members of our cohort.
  • Second, we tested our messaging through google, facebook and instagram ads to see if we could acquire customers through our landing page. We learned that men responded to tech jobs and there were higher response rates from people between the ages of 25 and 34. This reinforced some of our earlier findings which was that people between the ages of 18 and 24 are less likely to be searching out careers. We also trekked out to Barton Spring Pool to do usability testing. We met several people who were older. Our message really resonated with them. However, this does not mean we will give up!
An example ad we posted on facebook
An example ad we posted on facebook


  • Third, we tested our MVP in a workshop with young adults attending a local alternative high school. We led them through a session in which they explored their hopes and fears about the future and then, made life choice recommendations to a fictitious character in an interactive case study. We wanted to see if we could inspire a magic moment in which young people would say, ‘Yeah! I can go into a training program even if it is risky.’ We learned that though young people are interested in exploring stable careers, it is not such an easy decision. We heard stories from them that matched our initial research: they want stories of past successes, guidance and support. They feel enormous pressure to have it all figure it out, yet: “I fear being an adult because I recognize adults really don’t know shit, and now I am an adult that doesn’t know shit.”

We learned we need to get better at being able to talk about what value KeyUp provides young people to young people.

A moment from our workshop at the high school
A moment from our workshop at the high school

This week, we asked: how might KeyUp inspire young people to choose a new pathway that will lead to a middle skill career?

This week, we learned that there are two clear groups of people we could be targeting: those who are between 18-24 and those who are older. We need to focus on one group. It’s challenging because on the one hand, we are hearing from organizations in the Austin workforce community that they want support in working with young people between the ages of 18 and 24, yet the people who seem to be saying they are ready are older.

Now, we’ve got to…

  • revise our landing page and test it with Austinites
  • Revise our MVP and test it
  • develop our story for our final AC4D presentation and for our target population

One way you can help right now is…

  • send us anyone you know who doesn’t have a 4-year degree and wants to figure out their next career step