Things are moving

I’m coming to the end of my first official week at AC4D, and it was a whirlwind. I had hoped that the estimate of 60hrs of work/week for school was slightly exaggerated, but so far it seems pretty accurate.

Everything felt like the timeline was half of what it should be, but it was also thrilling. Plus the short lived sense of accomplishment I felt after completing something that seemed practically impossible was pretty great. I think it will take me a couple weeks to adjust to my new routine, but this week was eye opening and encouraging.

In our Interaction Design Research and Synthesis Methods course we began work on a service design project. We plan to learn how new members feel about becoming familiarized with the products and services offered by Castle Hill Fitness. Understandably, we were not able to meet with Castle Hill until today (Friday), but needed to create a research plan and presentation for the assignment which was due on Wednesday. To meet the deadline, my partner Jen and I created an initial research plan centered around the businesses green initiatives. However, after speaking with Castle Hill Fitness more about the project we have updated our research plan to focus on their on-boarding process for new members. I think the project is going to be really interesting and we plan to jump right into contacting participants next week and hopefully begin interviews. 

In our Design, Society and the Public Sector Theory course we read 4 articles by E. Bernays, V. Papanek, and M. Vitta. The discussion in class was very interesting, and I enjoyed hearing all the different interpretations and examples from my classmates. Stay tuned for my first diagram about these readings.