Day 3: Themes and insights

We began our lecture today by discussing themes to help make sense of data and identifying patterns by exploding our data. Our group was primed to “trust the process” because prior to beginning lecture we had neatly pinned our data into columns labeled with headers “Problems with tickets” and “purchasing methods,” along with similar buckets.

We discussed the example of a red truck and application of a lens to move away from an objective statement. The subjective statement was that vechicles carry sentimental value. I was excited to see how the variety of our backgrounds would inform our individual lenses to create different subjective statements and how we would persuade and support our unique points of view. For example, when we discussed the stigma associated with digital connections, my mind drifted to considering sensory communication that is omnipresent in the human and natural world. Communicating without physical exchange of some sort simply didn’t seem natural, a violation of some universal law that withstood millenia. Digital communications in word form remind me of an English class I once took called “Can the Narrator be Trusted” in which we read novels told by deceptive narrators. However, I quickly questioned my conclusion when I thought about the ever expanding emoji world that allows people to display emotion without words, almost referencing what we may partake from a persons body language. Taking that into account made digital communication seem less one sided; in a digital communication with visual elements interpretation is required and our own lens is applied to the words we are fed.

When we returned to our group to form insights by analyzing 2-3 interview segments it was challenging to not feel we were forcing connections. When it came time to form insights we spent a great deal of time trying to find verbiage to capture the connections. In hindsight, we probably should have focused more on arguing our individual perspectives and persuading the group to adopt them instead of trying to reach a consensus on a statement that captured elements we agreed were on point in each of our insights. It was recommended to us that we may benefit from separating the components of the insight and reverse engineering. Although frustrating at times, we shared some laughs at what was coming out of our thoughts. Sometimes laughter is a sign you are making progress as you discover  what does’t capture your message! After a break we regrouped and creating insights came with ease.

Generating concepts seemed more intuitive and I enjoyed seeing where our imaginations led us. Flexing our imaginations ended the day on a high note. I look forward to seeing the outcomes in comparison to the concepts I feel I would have developed through my own experience as a first time rider on CapMetro.