It’s not can we build it, but should we build it?


Even though AC4D faculty member Emiliano Villarreal was teaching us about M.V.P. when he asked the class this question, it struck a chord with me. Much of the reason that I’m so excited about this experience is that we are learning the skills to help solve wicked problems. To me, this means that we’re trying to ensure that the programs, products, or services that we learn how to design will, in fact, do good.

I know Emiliano was talking about how it is important to validate that demand exists before investing in building something, but it reminded me to also consider how the unintended consequences of a well-intentioned product or service could quickly spiral less towards helping and more towards harming. I’m looking forward to getting out with my group and doing more user-testing and interviews tomorrow to help evaluate if we are on the right track towards designing something that actually should be built!