Risk advisory levels of the roles of design in society

In our theory class we’ve read five different authors and discussed their views on the role of design in society. Our assignment was to then distill down these views and plot them on an axis of importance based on our own interpretations.

When plotting these different positions of the role of design in society on an axis I needed to create criteria that made sense to me. I decided to pair the potential consequences of disregarding an author’s position with how relevant the his position was to our society today. This resulted in a very threat oriented caution chart, which made me think of the advisory flags often used at the beach to warn visitors of current conditions before they enter the water. As eager design students I think all the author’s viewpoints are important to keep in mind and be aware of as we begin testing the waters.

I organized my diagram in vertical columns by the author’s last name. Each column begins by stating how I believe they would describe the role of design in society. The next paragraph explores potential consequences of not adhering to that role, and the relevance it has in today’s society. Finally, the column ends with an exemplifying quote from the reading. IDSE102_01_Assignment1_01_LB

Below the descriptive text columns I’ve drawn advisory flags modeled off beach warning flags to depict the “threat level” or potential impact I associated with ignoring the author’s design advice in 2018.