Perspectives in Austin

During the past two weeks in IDSE 103, we focused on drawing perspectives and figures. I find perspective drawing to be a bit meditative so I was looking forward to spending some time putting a different part of my brain to work in between reading, interviewing, transcribing, and presenting. Pat mentioned a few places in Austin that sounded iconic and I imagined sitting on a bench by a lake, sketchpad in hand, enjoying the fresh air. The assignment seemed like an opportune time to see a bit of Austin since I have had little time to do that in the month since I moved here.

My pleasurable vision of sketching in the park was soon swept away by the realty of our schedules here at AC4D. Instead of the assignment serving me a chance to explore Austin, I had the opportunity to capture what Austin is to me! Below are perspectives of where I spend my time. For reference, I’ve arranged them clockwise from the lower left, beginning with where I spend the most time and ending with where I spend the least time:

Springdale General, the new home of AC4D (and the view of the final construction work from my desk) // My group work area at the AC4D Studio (…including our walls now covered countless utterances and post-its) // An Airbnb // and Cuvee Coffee on 6th (I have only been there twice but that seems like a lot comparatively).

Although my sketching did not take me off the beaten path, I enjoyed visually taking in the spaces where I spend time and having time to appreciate my days here.

IDSE 103 Davis