sketch library.

To sketch tech interactions, I took photos of team members holding phones for a variety of purposes: Watching a video, texting, swiping, taking a photo, talking. Using an existing visual model is helpful for capturing proportion and dimension … especially when drawing HANDS.


I began my next iteration with pencil. This creates flexibility in practicing finger shape, position, and angle — and minimizes early mistakes, like “too many knuckle wrinkles in weird places.”


This was closer, but the phone lines weren’t precise, and the right hand dimensions were a bit mismatched. For my next iteration, I traced this basic form, then added precision, detail, and line heft to the phone, and slightly adjusted right finger placement.


In looking back at this iteration, the placement and visibility of the fingernails on the right hand look off. I’ve also actually lost some of the fidelity by removing the pencil lines. After consultation with the class, my next hand iteration will include light pen lines around key interaction points (bent knuckles; left finger wrapping around phone), as well as fingernails moved to the top of the fingers.

To be continued…