Week 3 Recap

Another week of jam-packed mental gymnastics has passed! I’ve been focusing hard on getting ahead of assignments and have finally entered a rythm where I find opportunities to begin assignments when (or close to when) they are assigned. On Sunday, I sat down at a coffee shop to read more of our theory assignment, which although I enjoy the messages the reading poses, it is a long and painful process for me. Sometimes I even make a mental list of what torture I would endure if it meant I didn’t have to read; one particular set of readings, I mentally agreed I would be willing to have my toenails ripped out! Luckily the degree of torture is decreasing closer to a stubbed toe. As I mentioned I sat down to do my readings, at a coffee shop to do the readings and after 2 hours, I had sketched the coffee shop as a start to drawing my studio assignment, read 2 pages of theory, and then wrote my blog post. It is comical to me that procrastination is not about cleaning the house or doing errands, but about doing a different assignment. Did I mention I had completed only 2 pages of the theory article when writing the blog?

Starting assignments as they come works well in theory but with demanding assignments I still end up in “fire drill mode” and imagine there will always be those moments at AC4D, that is a reality we are being equipped to survive in the working world. When I step back from school work, I remind myself I am immersed in a 9 month program of expanding knowledge, training of new thought patterns, building communication skills (within group and visual-verbal bridge) and increasing self-awareness. Even when I wish there were 28 hours in a day to finish assignments, I am remiss the days are passing and even 3 weeks in, I am cognizant each week that passes is one week less of the explosion of knowledge and experience we have 9 months to experience. I am so excited to be challenged again and hope the path will continue after completion of our course. It is a real privilege to be at AC4D and learning from accomplished  industry professional who share their passion by taking time to teach us.
Some highlights of the week:

Stories of APA!
Gaining clarity on the different organizational functions and viewing the business in new perspectives. For example, is the kitten nursery’s main mission to “process” as many kittens through to fosters in order to maximize cage availiability?

It was hard to find 100mobjects to sketch…It was a priceless moment when I found my classmate sitting on a stool in the middle of the bathroom sketching the toilet!