Diving into design thinking

For our last assignment in our design theory class we read and discussed articles about design thinking. Each seemed to be pretty similar to me in their enthusiasm for creative thinking and how this can be applied to problem solving. As someone who is new to design it can be difficult for me to understand some author’s views of design as this thing that’s going to change the world and is better than apparently everything else that ever was. However, when I reframe design thinking in my head as creative problem solving or something similar then it starts to make more sense. This is something that I don’t think is new to our society or humanity, as some authors hint at, but I can get behind the idea that it is growing in popularity and acceptance as a desired skill/profession.

Our assignment was to create a comic strip style story illustrating how viewpoints from each of the author’s articles. Sitting in class a few days ago and discussing Rittle’s article I read a sentence of his with the word “ripple” and got my idea for this comic. A diving competition with some of the author’s as the participants. It seemed only natural that Rittle be front and center as the announcer since he sparked the idea. As you’ll see in the story each of the authors will display a viewpoint from an article, and at the end the dive competition being aired will be turned off and the strip zooms out to reveal that an instructor was showing it to me, (Laura), a dive student. The student is then asked to try a dive. This is the point in the story where I get to reveal my viewpoint through the student. The dive I choose is based around the author’s who stuck with me the most initially. As I continue going through the program I hope to expand my dive to include additional viewpoints and execution, but right now, I’m just experimenting with design thinking and trying to enjoy myself along the way.

Diving into Design Story