learning Illustrator

Late nights with layers

When learning any new software, you can bet that you’ll experience a learning curve. Our studio assignment this week was to digitize our sketches from the previous week’s assignment.

Pat offered us a number of approaches to use depending on the time, quality, and flexibility allowed for each project. This resonated with me because—if life continues at this rate—time will always be limited in the upcoming months and it’s crucial to be comfortable creating both high- and low-fidelity renderings depending on resources available for any given project.

For the purposes of this assignment, it was time to dive into Adobe Illustrator. I needed to push myself to attempt high-fidelity renderings of my original sketches, as I know that is a skill that I will need to master to become a successful designer. Throughout the week our class quickly learned which of us were most adept at teaching Adobe products (go Gerald!) and we discovered just how long it takes to translate a sketch into a high-fidelity digital rendering.

After some long hours and late nights in the studio chipping away at the learning curve while discovering digitization of curves (and layers!), I feel like I’m planting the right seeds to grow towards mastery of this stuff.

Planting seeds