Week Seven (Seven?!) Reflections

Two days after my last Reflections blog post we got an email from Ruby saying that they were no longer mandatory but if they help then of course we should keep blogging. And I thought, “I like them, I’m going to keep doing them.” And then three weeks went by.

After I felt like I needed to toss the rules out the window in Theory/102 I made my presentation using Harry Potter as my analogy to talk about poverty. I didn’t even mention the authors! And it was fun so I was excited to present it, which is something that was missing in my previous presentations. And besides getting good feedback from Scott, a guest faculty member and my peers after class, I actually felt proud of it. I really went home and gave the presentation to my husband because I was that excited about it. Poor guy.

In our 101 class, learning how to theme has been a challenge. We’ve had something like 2 weeks to be theming but I feel like today I’m starting to get it. This afternoon the advice we got from Jon/Matt/Scott sort of clicked for me. We present to our client in like 40 hours. We’re not going to be able to theme all of our utterances before presenting. We’re just not. Or, we’re not going to be able to theme all of them AND get the sleep required for a healthy lifestyle.

I’ve also talked to my mentor twice in the past few weeks and she’s really great. The first time we talked I joked that timeboxing was just another way of never finishing anything. She said that was true but also it was good because it means I’m moving forward in ALL the things. And it prevents me from hyper-perfecting one thing and letting everything else lapse. I agree with this in theory but when it’s crunch time I’m definitely only focusing on one thing.

We talked this week and I asked for her advice on theming and she gave me some great getting-started tactics. And she gave me two helpful bits of advice. For theming, sit with the data. It takes time and being there in the room and doing the thing. The second thing she said was, this is the fun stuff. There are plenty of parts of this entire process that she didn’t like but theming is something she really enjoys.

Next week is the final week before Q1 ends. Which means 3 presentations and a review with faculty. Am I already nervous? You betcha. But I keep reminding myself of Scott’s advice to our class on Thursday: to approach this week with kindness (for ourselves and others), with patience (for ourselves and others) and with rigor. Wish me luck!