A+ FCU Banking App: Redesigned Wireframes

In our Designing Digital Interfaces class, we’re exploring a redesign of a mobile banking app. I’m redesigning the banking app for my Austin-based credit union, A+ Federal Credit Union, that I regularly use and often find frustrating. The bank itself is very small, relative to big banks such as Chase or Wells Fargo, and as such, doesn’t have the design sensibility that these big corporations have. The app is complex, confusing, and the navigation is less than user-friendly. In trying to wrap my head around a redesign as a newcomer to both designing digital interfaces and understanding navigation, starting with this app I feel like I’ve been handed a new instrument and given some Rachmaninoff to tackle. I’m going to start first by playing some proverbial scales, and simply rework the major failures of the existing site, not straying too far from the original design. Baby steps.

You’ll see in the image of the home screen below, I’ve outlined some red boxes. The red boxes around the buttons within each account section allow the user to make transfers, deposit checks, and pay bills directly from the home screen. Previously, these options were nested deep in the menu (top left), located under another tab labeled ‘transactions’. Since these are high-level goals of a bank app user, I placed them on the home screen, where users can have quick and easy access.

Adding buttons and a Profile Section to the A+ app
Adding buttons and a Profile Section to the A+ app

The red box around the image in the top right of the home screen indicates a profile section that currently does not exist in the app at all. This is where the user can set and manage notifications, view statements, change mailing preferences, get help, and quickly log out.

The newly introduced 'Profile & Settings' page
The newly introduced ‘Profile & Settings’ page

Having user goals in mind (deposit a check, pay a bill) when redesigning this app helps me to think through the steps a user needs to take to get to their goal, and in turn start to tease apart and rebuild the currently over-complicated and non-intuitive pathways that exist within the A+ app.