Aspiring to Model a Banking App

Aspiration dubs itself a “Financial Firm with a Purpose”. My favorite features are the ability to earn interest on my checking account balance, use any ATM in the world for free (because they don’t have any brick-and-mortars), and that I have the autonomy to decide how much I would like to pay Aspiration as their monthly service fee.

I began inventorying existing functionality by taking screenshots of each individual screen within my banking app. I found that over 80 separate screens with potential actions are possible within what I thought was a relatively simple and straightforward app! This is partly because Aspiration offers an investment component to its users which comes with the ability to buy and sell shares, adding an extra layer of complexity into the app’s functionality.

Next, I mapped out the functionalities in the below concept map:

Aspiration_Concept Map

I am overall relatively satisfied with the functionalities in my existing Aspiration banking app and would suggest only minor redesigns for the next iteration. First, while it was helpful to be able to view my personal info (name, address, phone number, etc.) from within the app, there was no functionality to edit that personal information, so I would add that feature.

Aspiration_Concept Map_Redesign

Also, it would also be nice to have the ability to set alerts on my account balances, send notifications when transfers have completed, and create recurring payments from within the app. These are important functionalities to integrate in order to keep Aspiration competitive with today’s market.