Concept Map of Capital One Mobile App

The assignment was to choose a banking app (why am I actively using 3 banks?!) and create a concept map of the current design and a concept map of how it could be improved.

I chose the Capital One app over my other banking apps because recently I’d logged into the website and couldn’t find what I needed to find. I wanted to see if that translated to the app. (No.)

What I found in doing the first part of the project, taking inventory of the existing screens, was that I really liked the way it was laid out. I heard fellow students complaining about their apps having too many buttons or screens being weirdly repetitive and I wasn’t seeing that. I found it fairly easy to take the existing screens and lay them out in a clear hierarchy. (Don’t let my sketches fool you, it was clear to me!)

CapitalOne_Sketch_JF CapitalOne_Screens_JF

When I started to digitize the concept map, I realized how many steps I’d missed. And that I would have to dig a bit deeper into the app to represent its full capabilities. Here’s what I came up with.


And as far as navigation goes I really found no way to improve upon it, save one small thing. When paying bills, you can click on “Pay to” and select one of your payees or you can Add Payee. However! When you’re transferring money and click on “Pay From” you can select one of your linked accounts but there’s no “Add Account” button. I couldn’t find anywhere to add an external account within the app. Not even a button sending you to the website to do it.

Since my concept map didn’t even get this deep here’s an image of how I’d update this bit.


Otherwise, frankly, good job, Capital One.