concept map: td bank

At first pass, TD Bank has a logical, user-friendly app. Primary banking functions (account balance, transfer, mobile deposit, send money, pay bill) live in the header menu, in bright, attractive icons.

Homescreen, TD Bank app
Homescreen, TD Bank app

It’s when you start to poke around the rest of the app that its structural problems become clear. Namely—redundancy. There are SO MANY MENUS AND TABS in this app. But, confusingly, most of the information is repetitive.

Pretty sure we've seen some of this info before
We’ve seen some of this info before…
...We've definitely seen this before
…We’ve definitely seen this info before

As a result, the background information architecture looks something like this. There’s a clear hierarchy and easy navigation at first, only to get more redundant as we go further into the app:


When redesigning the app, I’d start by identifying TD’s main goals for its app: Checking balance and transactions, depositing or withdrawing money, and transferring money. I’d then remove every duplicate navigation tab here, and re-arrange others to be more immediately findable.

The result would look like this. The topline nagivation has largely stayed the same. Unique features like FAQs and Feedback, once buried far into the app, have been added to a relevant parent tab (changes shown in green). And other non-core functions have been moved to the secondary menu (changes shown in green).

The “future state” concept map for the TD Bank app looks like this:

"Future state" TDBank app concept map
“Future state” TD Bank app concept map