MB Means Business

Just as promised in their ads, MB Financial gets strait to business in their mobile banking ap. The app has three main areas: Accounts, ‘Move Money’ & Deposits. The app performs the bare essentials and it does a good job at that.

Two or the five features of the app can be accessed without logging in. Why should a user need a password to find a branch location or reach customer service? When the instant balance feature is active users can view their account balance with a tap.





Access to the core features from the ‘Logged Out’ position are illustrated in the Existing State Concept Map.


For the update to the App, I will add additional services to the app. In the upcoming version, it will be possible to set alerts and notifications from the accounts menu. There will also be an option to freeze your account in this section. The move money tab will introduce 3 new transfer options: Apple Pay, payment to friends, and Mobile Cash (ATM withdrawal from your smartphone). A new option will in-app scheduling for recurring payments & frequency. In the redesign, the final action in a screen will redirect you to the starting page for that area. The future state is depicted below:


Our next steps are to begin building screens for the new features. This will begin by creating scenarios and use cases to describe the user and identify when, where, and under what circumstances the users are interacting with the app. Watch the AC4D instagram feed for some snaps of us having a practice run and illustrating Rainbow’s journey selling her baby stroller (and eventually other baby items cluttering her garage) on Craigslist. We had a great time writing and illustrating and I’m looking forward to this next step.