Mobile Banking App IA Redesign

There are so many different preferences of bank customers. Some people want to have nothing to do with the high maintenance fuss of banking and managing accounts. Others want their hands on everything. People think they know themselves and their preferences, and then they lose their wallet, and all of a sudden their needs for the app are totally different than before. What is appropriate to have on a mobile app that makes for a functionally simple yet robust app?

When I use my Wells Fargo app I often feel like there are far too many steps in between the landing page and my goal having opened the app. If you are someone habitually checking your account balance and perusing transaction histories, then Wells Fargo is great for you. But why do I have to navigate multiple menus to get to check deposits and account transfers? The Wells Fargo App tries to do a lot, and it grows more bloated with every feature that is clumsily incorporated. I’ve represented my information architecture experience with the app below:


When considering redesigns I wanted to keep the main functional goals in mind. While there is no doubt that things are missing, I decided to iterate with a very clear and simple map so as to emphasize what the root functions are of the banking app. Things can get more busy in later iterations and prototyping when things are more clearly missing (under build rather than over build).

The true shape and content of the app should be informed by user scenarios and needs. Here are the bones.

WF Copy@2x