MY (very own) UFCU : A Story of Redesigning an App

This week at AC4D, I took on the challenge of redesigning my banking app. Like most adults, I have a handful of banking options because no single bank offers all the services I want and need. For this project, I chose the University Federal Credit Union’s (UFCU) mobile banking app.

Setting out on this experiment, immediately I had some choices to make between a banking app that I no longer bank with but still keep around or the new banking app that I use only one or two features out of.  I opted to audit the app of my older bank, UFCU, a seemingly simpler one. I felt like an imposter because I haven’t actually banked (as in depositing my paychecks into and use a debit card) with them for years. As I earned more money over time, I found myself not getting what I needed from UFCU. I don’t even know if my debit card is still active since I last used it in 2013!  I mostly keep my membership because I know that my tenure with them will get me a low loan interest rate, and even better customer service. And that is about the only reason I use UFCU for, loans.

The sad balance of my old UFCU accounts.

This mobile app was entirely new to me. And I have to say that it was very lovely compared to the first time I enrolled in 2011-2012, on my old Motorola Razor flip phone, remember that one? Back then phones still fit in your back pocket, and we didn’t have touch screens and touch ID sign in. Everything, including UFCU’s mobile app, has changed so much. I was impressed with the new UFCU.

While auditing and mapping the feature of the mobile app I kept asking myself “Who are their customers now? Why did they prioritize the features that they did?” It certainly was not for me. Here is a look at the current state of the app.


So in my redesign, I imagined a blend of the customer I use to be, and the customer I am now.  Pretending as if this redesign was for the current project, and wanting to maintain architecture as to not alienate existing customer while surfacing the features that would have been handy when if I still had a loan with them.  Here are the results.


If only I can add ‘full ATM fee refund’ as a feature and ‘earning airline points with card purchases’, then I would be set to coming back to UFCU.