Site Map of Simple Bank app

How do you take the primary functions and responsibilities of a bank, then distill it into a streamlined mobile app? To find out, we dissected a banking app and created a concept map. In essence, we exploded all the elements of the app into a visual representation.

First, I needed to take stock of all the functions of the app. I took screenshots of the app, page by page… by page, by page, by page. At the end, I captured 64 pages in all



Next step, in an excel sheet, I wrote down every function, feature, information, action and even icon.  I wrote each word on a piece of paper and re-organized it on the table. Once satisfied with the configuration, I converted the work into a digital format.

All in all, the app is very clean and light. It hits the sweet spot. It is robust, but not complicated and bloated. The major feature that sets this app apart, are the saving and goals section. The app gives tools for the user to manage their budget in real time. The app allows the user to input their expenses goals, as well as savings goals. In this way the app let’s the user know exactly where there money was spent. With this knowledge, the user can make more informed financial decisions and create prudent spending habits. With each transaction the app can how each transaction has affected your financial goals and expenses; It tells you if you are “On track” or “Off track” of your financial goals.

For the re-design, I propose that Simple bank should provide a live chat with a financial coach. This feature will enable users to fully take advantage of the pre-existing savings/expense tools. Below is the site map of the app; the parts in blue are  the additional “Financial Coach” feature.

IDSE 302.1 Concept Map_redesign