Site Mapping – Chase Mobile Banking App

This week we created a site map of one of our personal banking apps. I chose Chase because they have an app that I find intuitive and easy to use.

To start, I listed the goals and sub-goals one would have for interacting with the app. These goals came from both personal experience and what I believe a Chase would want a customer to achieve through their interface. For me, being able to check/pay off a credit card balance, view past transactions, and redeem reward points are the most important functions of the app.

Goals_Assignment 1

I then went through every page and jotted down notes regarding core, non-core, and non-functioning content. Chase has a lot of content. Way more than I ever use on a regular basis. So this ended up being a two-fold learning experience. Not only am I getting much-needed practice with concept mapping, but I now know significantly more about the options and functions available to me as a Chase customer.


After chronicling every page, I began making a low-fidelity layout showing the different areas in the Chase app. This provided a basis to begin digitizing a higher-fidelity graphic.


Before joining AC4D I had never heard of Sketch. So this assignment marks the beginning of a journey into a new tool, which I rather enjoy. I found Sketch to be very similar to Adobe Illustrator, which meant that it didn’t require major changes in terms of workflow.

The Chase banking app is full of functionality, which is reflected in the site map.

Concept Map_Assignment 1

During this process, I thought about changes Chase could possibly make to improve the customer experience. I mentioned earlier that I enjoy using this app because, in terms of its core functions, it’s intuitive and incredibly easy to use. However, I do believe there is greater opportunity for Chase to convert banking clients in the investment clients. This was noted by a red ‘!’ on the site map above.

In order to open a brokerage account, for example, you can only do so by opening a small menu in the top-left of the landing page and clicking through a couple of links related to J.P. Morgan, which merged with Chase around 20 years ago. Opening a banking account, in contrast to an investment account, is an obvious option on the landing page. So if it is a goal for Chase to convert banking clients to investment-account clients, I believe they could consolidate the investments section into the existing ‘Open an Account’ option and allow the customer to choose banking or investment accounts from a single link. In this hypothetical scenario, the site map changes, but not in a substantial way.

Future State_Assignment 1

I enjoyed taking a deep dive into the architecture and content of Chase’s mobile banking app and look forward to what’s next!