Wireframing a Digital Banking App Redesign

If you’ve been following along closely to our very exciting adventures here on the AC4D blog, you may remember the last post showcasing a concept map for a digital banking application. Well dear readership, now I present to you the wireframes for that same redesigned application. For this assignment we focused on creating wireframes of the redesigned app to highlight specific user flows:

  • CheckĀ a balance
  • Deposit a check
  • Transfer money out of the bank
  • Set alerts and notifications
  • Pay a friend
  • View, setup, and change recurring bill payments

These are not meant to be finished products, but instead give a general layout to test usability and be a guide during development. For my redesign I decided to keep the overall setup of the existing app but add functionality that is currently only available through the website. For example, the existing application only has the ability to transfer money between your own existing accounts. In my redesign I created frames for the user to add and transfer money to account outside of UFCU.

Wireframe flow: transfer out of bank
Wireframe flow: transfer out of bank

Creating wireframes really forced me to think more about the details than the concept map. Especially about how the user would interact with the application. It wasn’t enough to just write the fields that would be in a form, but I had to think about how the field data would be entered, and how that would change the screen. Our next steps will be to turn these into prototypes and conduct user testing. I image I will learn even more about how users interact with my diagram and make it even more detailed as I begin connecting buttons with their resulting actions. Signing off until next time.