Team Impostorism Update

Last week Laura, Vicky and I narrowed our three design concepts down to two. Here are the three we’ve been working on this quarter:

  • DESTRUCTION BOX: Self-care, self-reflection, and stress relief, all tied up in one monthly box. Instead of nurturing, pampering, or creation, subscribers are encouraged to express anger, rage, and destruction by symbolically destroying feelings of impostorism.
  • JVL CONSULTANCY STEP THREE: A human-centered design firm providing company leadership with actionable solutions and recommendations to help hire, retain, and promote top talent while moving toward a more balanced and inclusive workplace.
  • ATX FAIL CLUB: A safe space to share your stories of failure and impostorism in your life. Curating dinner parties and storytelling events for women-identifying people to come together and celebrate stories of failure.

While logic would point to us narrowing it down to our two most developed ideas, we opted to move away from what was arguably our easiest idea, the Destruction Box, and use that energy to focus on the more wicked problems addressed by Step Three (name still subject to change) and continue to develop the ATX Fail Club.

But do not despair, the Destruction Box isn’t going away entirely! Every user we talked to mentioned that regardless of the feelings of release/empowerment/joy they might get out of symbolically destroying feelings of impostorism, they’d be snapped back to reality pretty quickly when they had to clean up their own mess. So we’re considering incorporating some small acts of destruction at the end of our ATX Fail Club events and we’d do the cleaning up.

This week we:

  • worked on developing our service blueprints
  • continued to refine the offerings of Step Three
  • reached out to more contacts, some of whom we’ll connect with in Q4 due to scheduling
  • interviewed 3 people, 2 with daily work in these spaces
  • worked on the outlines of our pitch decks

We narrowed down Step Three’s offerings to three:

Recruitment Package: We will review all of your job postings to ensure you are attracting top candidates.
Handbook & Benefits Audit: Ensure that your handbook and policies have the right guidelines for your business.
Culture and Retention Package: Create a mentorship pathway within your company.

Recruit. Retain. Recognize. 

Two weeks ago we made some lo-fi Service Blueprints for all 3 concepts. Here’s an example of the one we made for Step Three:

Service Blueprint: an operational tool that describes the nature and the characteristics of the service interaction in enough detail to verify, implement and maintain it.

We focused on what artifacts were used, who used them (customers or employees), where they used them (customer-facing or nah, aka front-of-house or back-of-house) and how. It was helpful in that it really made us think about every aspect that goes into creating and planning these concepts. One challenge we discovered is that when you don’t really have a complete concept of your business, it’s hard to build one of these.

NEXT STEPS: As we’ve worked to flesh out our ideas for Step Three, it will be super beneficial for us to build a separate service blueprint for each of the three services we’re offering. If we don’t do that in the next week it will be one of the first things we do in Q4. (As well as updating our lean canvases for each service.)