Blogging with Beers 🍻: Mapping our Learnings

It’s been quite the trip, but we’ve picked up a lot of tools and insights along the way. We’ve learned about human-centered design research and synthesis. We’ve also practiced sharing our insights with others through tools like concept models, zooms, and service blueprints. Last quarter, we explored methods of ideation like reframing and insight combination to come up with over a hundred novel design ideas to combat impostorism in women.

Jen, Vicky and I have a few insights and learnings to share with our many loyal AC4D blog readers:

    • Be yourself and do what you want. [Present findings that you find interesting and others will too. Don’t be afraid to insert your personality into presentations!]
    • Always maintain a bias toward action. [When in doubt, creating is better than not creating!]
    • Less is more. [#aintnobodygottimeforthat]

We’ve created a glorious vision for where we will surely be one week post-graduation. Please join us as we bask in the reality of it all:


We will each be fresh off our one-week minimum vacation to a tropical beach, and returning bright-eyed to a new role at a company we like with a team we’re excited to work with doing work we’ll be proud of. We’re excited about taking what we’ve learned and implementing change for the better at work and in all aspects of our lives.

To do this we will need to create a compelling portfolio and earmark time each week to set aside to work towards this goal. Building in time for critique and review will be beneficial and a great reason to reach out and learn from alumni, mentors, and the design community at large.

In addition to doing these things, we will also be expanding on the concept that came out of our research on impostorism in women. We are doing this because…

We exist to create a world where women aren’t stymied by failure.

In order to make this vision a reality, we are reframing failure by designing an event series for women to come together and celebrate stories of failure. To do that, right now we’re answering the question of whether or not women are open to celebrating failure. So, this week we’re doing “think aloud” user testing to better understand reactions to our concept and messaging.

Join us: 🍻