Designing for Successful Mentorship

We are building a platform for first-generation Americans to access resources that support success. Our product matches mentees to mentors and provides a framework to facilitate successful, productive relationships.

This week our team focused on defining our end-to-end customer journey:

  • We created journey maps to document how mentors and mentees engage with our digital platform and how the platform integrates into their physical meetings.
  • We created a service blueprint to define the interactions organizations, mentors, and mentees have with our product from the time they learn about our mentoring program through to the ideal future state. This included defining our visible actions, behind-the-scenes actions and necessary support at each touchpoint.
  • We created a list of artifacts to create to support our mentoring platform

Additionally, we spoke with more people who match mentees with mentors about their methods. We have made strides in defining our unique approach to creating successful matches.

In the upcoming week we will:

  • Create a midterm presentation deck
  • Create artifacts to support the mentee-mentor relationship
  • Create a high fidelity mock-ups of digital interactions

One way you can help right now is…
If you know anyone looking to begin a mentoring program we would love to speak with them about or upcoming pilot launch!

Please reach out to one of us:

Christina Davis, Susi Brister, and Catherine Woodiwiss