Making a Banking App (Somewhat of) a Reality

Last week we took our wireframe flows from our banking apps and began to work with developers to start the process of building them out. In a perfect world we’d have all the screens built out and then present them to the developer to answer any questions and explain anything that wasn’t clear.

I had a quick call with Eric, the developer I’m working with, to chat about where I’m at and what my goals are for this project. I told him that I felt super behind he didn’t shame me for it. He would rather meet and understand the scope sooner rather than later. I told him that my goals for this project are to understand how a developer thinks. I have a print/graphic design background and I know the printing process very well and it affects how I design. I want to be the same sort of digital designer.

Eric and I met on Friday for a little over an hour and I went through all of my flows.

Deposit a Check

Deposit Check Deposit Check 2

Find Security Code
Find Security Code
Spending Alert
Spending Alert
Budget & Spending Trends
Budget and Spending
Categorize Transaction

Categorize Transaction
I definitely didn’t have every single screen built out nor did I have my redlines done, which turned out to be okay. Eric said he never asks for redlines for clients. What he would rather have from me is a Style Guide and markup notes on any custom animations. He also said that he always estimates 1 day per screen, unless it needs something extra. Using t-shirt sizing, “Small” = 1 day, “Medium” = 1.5 days and “Large” = 2 days. Nearly every screen I showed him was a “Small” with the exception of my Budget screen, which was a Medium and my Spending Trends was a Large.

Since I hadn’t built my screens and had no idea how many my app would need, I created a spreadsheet of everything to be done in the app. My final count was 72 screens which would take Eric about 14 weeks to build. If I’ve forgotten any screens,¬†which I surely have, it will take longer.

Here’s a sample of just the screens needed to be built before the user logs into the app.

Login Screens

Next Steps:

I have a list of what information and elements Eric wants to see in the Style Guide so I’ll be working on that. I will also continue to build out the wireframes.


As I watched my fellow students present their wireframes I started to understand why a redline would be necessary. So I’ve started the process of redlining my designs.

Artboard 1Artboard 1 copy