Moving Towards a Pilot

Launchpad aims to empower teachers whose experience in the classroom has turned negative but who feel stuck in their current role gain the confidence and autonomy they need to consider other career paths. We help teachers reflect on their decision to explore a new path, hear stories of others who have taken a non-traditional career paths, and build the autonomy they need to feel they can access the resources and connections to move beyond their current position.

Since our last update, we have worked to further define our end-to-end solution.

Interaction with Launchpad will happen in three main stages for the teachers who join our community:

  1. Exploration: We plan to connect with teachers online in a place where they are already connecting about the consideration of leaving teaching: online forums. We plan to direct teachers from these forums to the resource of our website, which will include tips and tricks for the transition, a blog, job search resources, and a calendar of events. Once they have learned about us online, they will be able to attend storytelling events to hear about other teachers transitions, as well as, career exploration events where they can learn about some of the roles they could potentially move into. These events will happen year round.
  2. Engagement: After going through a brief application and admissions process, teachers will join one of four possible cohorts of a 3-week workshop series held each summer. Over the course of the workshop series, workshop attendees will be prompted to reflect on their decision to consider other paths a bit further and learn how to transfer their skillset to 1 of 5 possible careers through everything from resume workshops to shadowing employees at companies.
  3. Advocacy: Once they graduate from the workshop, alumni will receive a weekly newsletter listing job openings of our partner companies and tips and tricks for the job search and will be invited to networking event and talks from speakers at companies about the transition

In defining this experience, questions were raised about our business model and how we hoped to make this most viable. We were clear that we intended to have teachers pay for events and that there would be a set cost for the summer workshop. We also knew we hoped to have buy in from companies on our concept but were uncertain of the ways this may be valuable to a business. This week we also spent some time exploring the value that this kind of service could provide to companies by connecting with a hiring manager and a recruiter at two different companies to learn more. Both offered a number of ways that our model could be valuable to companies down the road from selling a “resume book” of sorts to companies to offering workshops for their employees as well. We have not decided on the nature of our relationship to companies at this point in time but intend for there to be a value to them as well which we will better define in the coming weeks.

Now we will work to …

  • Define an appropriate pilot of our end-to-end solution in order to validate demand and see if we can provide value


To do this, over the next week, we will be…

  • Developing several potential concept for a pilot
  • We will launch a pilot of our product


One way you can help right now is…